Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing rabbits in Swindon and surrounding areas. We promote rabbit welfare and offer general advice so please ask us if we can help. We can also assist with boarding and bunny bonding 

Swindon Rabbit Rescue was formed in December 2015 by 4 friends Alison, Hayley, Gayna and Anita.

Most of you may know that in about 6 weeks time we freeze adoptions over Christmas (we also do this at Easter). This is to avoid any of our rabbits being given as gifts..... they are not easy pets and should be taken on after a lot of thought just the same as any animal. You can still visit and reserve rabbits but will not be able to collect them until the new year. The only exceptions to this will be if you are already a rabbit owner looking for a partner for your current rabbit. Hopefully everyone understands this is for the welfare of the rabbits ??

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